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    We Offer Long Arm Quilting Services 


    How to Prepare Your Quilt:

    Make sure your backing is 8 inches bigger than your quilt top - 4 inches on the top, bottom and both sides. It is a waste if it’s bigger. 

    If you piece your backing, it is better to piece with the seam lying across the bed.  If your backing is pieced, sew the backing together prior to bringing in you quilt. You must press your seams on both sides of the quilt as well as the backing to ensure there is no puckering.  If you piece for the seam to lie from the top to the bottom remove the selvage. Selvage will not give and your backing will have butter fly wings on the side. 

    Make sure you press your backing and refold a different way to prevent the manufacture crease from returning.  You can bring your backing and your quilt on hangers.  If you want quilt blocks on the back of your quilt in your backing, there is no give to the quilt block and this creates tension problems on the back of your quilt. There is so much pull on the primary backing it makes it difficult for your stitching to look neat. The backing must be pulled to get the fullness out. Too much backing increases your chances of pleats in the back. Make sure your batting is the same size as your backing. 

    If your batting is in a roll, you should take it out, fluff it in the dryer and try to get rid of some of the wrinkles. If the backing is in a package, you should take it out and try to get some of the wrinkles out.  Let it relax. open it up and refold it in a big square changing the original folds. 

    You should know what your quilt measures. This is important in order to know what size backing and batting is required. 

    We offer a variety of batting or you can provide your own, please label your batting with your name.

    We look forward to serving you!